Thursday, October 8, 2009

No More Holes In The Wall!

I came home to nicely patched up walls! I no longer can see pipes! I'm so happy! Things are getting back to normal, despite all the sheet rock dust...

I'm happy to report that I am feeling almost 100% better now. Hubby still isn't at that point yet, but he is better than he was yesterday. We can now look forward to the weekend! We are leaving Saturday morning, LAX bound so we can spend some time with Rich's family. His step-dad is turning the big 75, and we are going to surprise him at my sister-in-law's house along with Rich's other siblings. It should be a lot of fun---need to take my camera. We are staying at a really nice hotel in Marina del Rey.. Almost wish we were staying for a longer period of time, but it will be fun to just get away for awhile.

I must tell you something about my tooth pain. It is gone! I accredit it all to the miracle drug elixer of warm salt water. I am not kidding---it works so well---there is nothing better! I cannot believe I forgot about it! I swear upon it now! After taking it, the pain almost immediately went away. My son tried it for himself this evening because he was complaining of a canker sore. He laughed when I suggested it, but now, he is also a true believer! "Mom! My mouth doesn't hurt anymore!" Nothing like the old fashioned water and salt...oh, and yes, whiskey works too.

Halloween is soon upon us, and Nicholas has announced what he wants his costume to be: A Magician. I don't know where he got that idea, but it will work. All I need is a top hat, and a black cape, and a wand... I tried to convince him to be a wizard, but he insists on being a magician--his mind is set on it, so magician it will be!

I mentioned on Facebook that Lizzy was doing a photo shoot in the front yard for tampons. I wasn't kidding... Here is the picture:

(Hey, I'm holding the yellow poster board behind Lizzy if you are wondering..)

Have a great weekend!


Jimmy's Journal said...

Gald your walls are repaired. Thanks also for reminding me that I'm out of tampons.


Winivere said...

Winivere has given you an award. Come get your reward!