Sunday, October 18, 2009

Airport Adventure

Recently, Rich and I flew into Los Angeles (LAX) airport to spend time with his family. It was a very short trip, San Jose to L.A. on Saturday morning, returning early Sunday afternoon. Very short, but hey better than driving, right? I think we did more "riding around" in the airports more than we did when we drove in our rental car and our final destination! We had flown to Vegas last year, but apparently, I'm getting rusty, (or just old) when it comes to airports. Remember I was the one leaving Portugal with a bottle of Cognac in my carry on.. DUH.. A big NO NO!

Well, when we got to San Jose Mineta International, we decided to park in the long term parking. Good thing we were parked in section C, than section S. The "trolley" bus went through the alphabet with this annoying woman's recorded voice at each lettered section. "You are now entering Parking Lot section "D"...etc...etc.." All that took a good 15 minutes of driving in circles. Imagine having that job--driving around a parking lot in circles, listening to that annoying woman's voice, over and over again. I tell you, that must be pure hell.

Once we got to the airport, I got my e-tickets printed at the kiosk--that was simple enough, and off we went to our "favorite place" -- SECURITY. What a lovely working crew that was. I'm sorry, but the people working there are just plain mean. I'm sure they are just lovely people outside of the airport. Perhaps, they have to be "mean" for the job? I know people who work inside a jail--it comes with the territory, but must I always feel like a criminal when I go through security?

"Take off your shoes, and any metal items, and put it in the plastic container.."

Simple enough, right?

"Lady, that includes your jacket.."

Okay, I put my jacket in there, and walk through the security, so glad I wasn't wearing a belt. People wearing belts, were undressing all over the place, in the undressing area. Men and women holding their pants, barefoot, disoriented.. It's easy to feel a little humiliation. Remind me to where flip flops next time!

Other than that, I love airports. I don't know exactly why, but ever since I was younger I've always had the attraction. The atmosphere, the mood, the people. I remember sitting there watching people go by-some of them running, some of them walking, some happy, some sad.. Sometimes on a occasion you may even see a celebrity, most of the time not. It's a great place to "people watch".

Well, we got ourselves near our departure gate, and I got a bagel, and we just sat there waiting, and relaxed in front of Noah's Bagels when we hear the "last call" for our flight. Last call?! What happened to our FIRST CALL?! Well, luckily we were near the gate, and by the time we got on the plane, we were the last ones so we didn't have to wait in line. The plane was small, but we couldn't see the pilot from our seat like the time we flew to Vegas, so that was good.

After a 45 minute flight, we touched down on at LAX, and off to another trolley for our rental car, where we were "entertained" non-stop by the guy sitting near us at the back of the bus, who was talking to his friend on his cellphone and then to his "baby's momma" for another 20 minutes. It's interesting how some people don't really care how much personal stuff they reveal about themselves when talking on a phone. When we got to the rental car line at Avis, he was still talking to his "baby's momma" behind us in line for another 15 minutes. I still remember a lot of the conversation, I feel I could write a book about this guy's life. I feel like I know the guy, but again, I don't even know his name.

We got a sweet ride.. A beautiful red Camaro....very nice, after you get used to the seemingly small front window. We stayed in beautiful Marina Del Rey, and our sister-inlaw's house is in Venice. We drove only a gallon worth of gasoline to and from to her house. A good maybe 10 minutes..

When we left the next day for home, we dropped of the pretty Camaro at the rental car place, and got into another trolley--another 10 minute drive to the airport. I got stopped at security for carrying a bottle of water in my purse. Damn. DUH. We were early, and decided to just stay near our gate. Little did we know our gate was in a separate location. So, we had to get into yet another trolley bus, another 5 minute drive to a gate that looked like a shack from the outside. We waited a hour there eating cafeteria, bland sandwiches at the only little food place that was there. Did I mention how cold it was? It was cold.

We finally got into the plane, and chose to be the last ones on the plane this time. Why wait in a line again? Yes, we were anxious to get home, but we were tired. Once we got home to San Jose, back in the parking lot trolley to our long term parking, and the annoying woman and her monotone voice: "You are now entering Section..." A strange woman with a straw hat covering her face wearing long knee high socks came in and sat near Rich. She smelled like Vapor Rub. Another 10 minutes on that trolley...

Damn it was great to get home! We had a fun time at Marina del Rey with the family-a nice birthday surprise. Unfortunately, I forgot my camera so I have no pictures with family. We took a wharf walk up and down the marina, where there are hotels and aparments overlooking the harbor. We stayed at the Ritz Carlton-definitely the most nicest hotels I've EVER been at. Great weekend-which we stayed longer.

Our view from our balcony

By the way, I read this in the news---so happens it was at the apartment buildings we passed on our walk near the Marina, about a man found dead sitting on the balcony:

Thank God we didn't see this guy!


Dawn said...

Hey! Happy Birthday?

It sounds like it was a nice trip!

be well...

Joann said...

Was that for YOUR birthday!?!? WOW!! What a nice trip!!

I DID hear about that guy on the balcony!! WOW!!!

Your trip made ME tired... too much airport stuff, I HATE airports! LOL!!

Indigo said...

Hmm, secret birthday? Ha! They get that way the older we get huh!

As for airports, I haven't been in one since my deafness. I can just see it now,
"Ma'm remove your jacket"
"Huh, what?"
"Remove your jacket, I won't ask again"
"Say what?"
"Security we have a situation, a woman is refusing to cooperate"

Umm, I'll stay away from airports thank you very much. (Hugs)Indigo

Jimmy's Journal said...

Airports are a nightmare! I can't stand to fly and I try to avoid it at all costs. When I do fly, while the plane is fueling, I fuel up with Johnnie Walker Black and fly half in the bag. It eases the pain and makes all the jerks fade into the background.


Missie said...

Sounds like a great time! Lovin the car rental!!

Lori said...

This was a great post! I really enjoyed it. Glad you had a nice trip and visit -- great view from your balcony!