Friday, June 5, 2009

Mom met "Elvis".

Andrew in his confirmation suit! Nope, it's not green. I was surprised how many people actually thought I actually entertained the idea of buying the green "pimp" looking suit I posted earlier.. It gave me a good laugh to say the least..

My mother was so thrilled with his outfit, she couldn't stop taking pictures with him---she wanted to be in all of them. She kept on saying he reminded her of Elvis. Lizzy thinks he looks more like a Jonas Brother.

See, I'm not kidding.

Andrew's confirmaton ceremony at church when very well-it was a nice service, however they didn't allow flash photography, so I have no pictures from inside the church. Pooey. I was tempted when I saw the woman who ignored the earlier requests by the priest, and flashed to her heart's content, but I didn't want to push it. Everyone was staring at this woman with disapproval, and I didn't want to be the center of attraction. I tend to like to blend in the crowd, if you know what I mean. There was a woman who was taking flashless pictures, and more pictures were taken by a photographer in the church hall later, so hopefully I'll get a copy of those...

Andrew & his proud mother..

Today, Andrew is performing at the Veterans Hall in Santa Cruz for a high schoolers in the county. Unfortunately, I can't be there (according to Andrew, its for teenagers not parents...). I suspect he is right, but I also suspect that he is pretty nervous about the whole "gig". Having me there might just fluster him. I hope someone records it, or takes a picture or something.. Funny thing is, I remember going to the same dance over 20 something years ago at the same hall. So strange.

Well, school is almost over, and I am SOO ready for this to happen. No more early morning walks up to Nicholas' school for awhile---or rushing out the door with various school projects, homework papers, or wonder if I have to still bake those 36 cupcakes. No more knocking on Andrew's bedroom door, telling him to "WAKE UP! OR YOU WILL BE LATE!! We live two blocks away from the school, and he still gets to school late sometimes. Weird how that happens. I'm SO READY.

The weather has been very strange over here. It is sunny, then rainy, then cloudy. Expected thunder storms predicted by the weathermen turn into sunny and warm days. Just weird. Weird times too. Kids at a local high school have been throwing themselves in front of commuter trains over here. So far 3 kids have committed suicide from one high school-one kid almost did it last night but was stopped by his mother. Sad---tragic, horrible. Then we have planes MISSING out of thin air.... So strange.

I still swear on my Curves trimming pants. I've been asked what sizes they come in. They come in sizes, Small, Medium, Large, 1X & 2X.


Julie said...

He is so handsome, no wonder your mom took so many photo's.

Lisa said...

your son is so handsome....congrats to him and you on his confirmation. Great pics.

Missie said...

He looks great. I think he looks more like a Jonas Bros also!