Monday, June 22, 2009

Guess who is wearing her Curves pants?!

It is virtually impossible to take a picture of myself..sorry. I'm posing in my Curve pants.

I have no idea what possessed me to come into work today. Sure, my son has summer school in town, and swimming lessons later this afternoon, but I have a multitude of things to do before tomorrow morning! We are leaving tomorrow morning at the break of dawn on a road trip to southern Nevada, and I have a lot to accomplish today and tonight! I also want to color my hair! I have a suspicion I will be doing that late this evening…

Saturday we celebrated my son Andrew’s birthday—he is now the BIG 15, and according to him: “I don’t feel any different.” Oh to be 15 again. Do you remember what you were doing at 15? I do. When I was 15 it was 1981—and had a first real kiss from a boy (that wasn’t a relative), first slow dance, first job. Sigh… Andrew has his whole life ahead of him for firsts.

I will post pictures of his birthday later---perhaps tonight when I’m waiting for my hair color to set in front of the computer.

Nicholas is now in summer school and is happy. His day starts with play and physical education on a big playground, and then he goes to another teacher who he practices writing and reading skills. Of course, the kids in his class are all older than him, but I think he will be alright. His teacher’s name is Kitty. She was my kindergarten teacher---it’s a little weird, but this is what happens when you come from a smaller town. On the first day I saw an old classmate of mine from elementary school. It so happens someone from my 1st grade class, Jennifer’s daughter is attending the same class.

“Julie Costa, is that you?”

Yes, it’s me!

Nicholas started his swimming lessons the other day. Although he was excited at first to learn to swim, he was less than thrilled when it was time to actually get in the pool. Yes, I found myself chasing him around the kiddy pool, but eventually, he gave in and slowly got into the pool and in the end really was enjoying the water and blowing bubbles. He really loved it, and now he can’t wait for his second lesson-which is later today. Of course he is learning to swim in the same pool I used to go to. The pool area is near a playground, and guess who we saw when we passed by? Why it was OUR kindergarten teacher, Kitty! Oh well, at least she looks good still—it makes me feel young.

There has been some really weird news lately… What is up with that Republican Governor, “disappearing” for a matter of days to be with his Argentina lover, “Maria”.
Okay, could he have, I don’t know, done this all a little better? I mean with some extra planning? Why has this become NATIONAL news in this country and in Argentina? Is this some publicity ploy? I mean this is the sort of stunt that Madonna pulls; celebrities do this for extra ratings! I was shocked this morning when the morning news lady announced that we could actually read his love letters to his Argentine love bug on the internet. What?! Why are his “love letters” to “Maria” posted all over the internet? Why, and most importantly, WHY DO WE CARE?! What about his poor wife, and his children?! Do they really deserve this kind of humiliation? This guy is a piece of work. If you are having an affair, and you want to end it, do it quietly for God’s sake. It could have been done. I guess it is “pay back time” from the Clinton administration…oh well, people in glass houses should not throw stones.

Remind me NEVER to be in a reality show. Jon and Kate make 8? Um..not anymore-try 7, or will they split the kids now with each parent? Will Kate have her own show? Now didn’t we all see this coming? Won’t people ever learn that reality shows are simply a BAD IDEA! Sure, there is money involved, but—IS IT REALLY WORTH IT? I don’t think so. I guess the lady, (Angelina lookalike wanna be) with all the babies are going to have her own show as well. Wow, I can’t wait to see that one. “Mommy takes the kids to MCD’s, with the help of 3 mini vans…” Exciting stuff.


Cathy said...

First kiss at 15, eh? Sweet! It was 1965 when I was 15 and all I remember is being a pain the ass hippie war-protester who couldn't stand pot - some hippie lol.

FrankandMary said...

Julie Costa, is that you? Oh, I hate that. Well, of course, I wouldn't care if they said Julie Costa ;-0, but the downside of living in the town I grew up in is every single person knows you. I do the dark glasses thing, but they should sell dark body glasses.

I love the picture LOLOL~Mary

Missie said...

We have something in common for tonight.......I plan on coloring my hair as well! LOL

Do you thing the curves pants are working?

Have a good weekend.