Saturday, October 1, 2011

30 Day Blogger Challenge--Day #3

Today I'm posted #3 of my 30 Day Blogger Challenge---never mind that it was posted, I don't know, almost a week from the last post. Hey, well, at least it is being done!

Day #3: Post a picture of you and your friends.

Obviously, the picture above was not taken recently. It was taken way back when I was still in high school, back in 1984. Damn. That was a long time ago, but you know what? It doesn't feel like it was that long ago.

It is very weird to come to the realization that this picture was taken over 26 years ago. Damn. This picture was taken at my 18th birthday party. I asked my friends to dress as people they admire. Leslie is dressed as Indiana Jones, Denise is dressed as some kind of Disneyland tourist, Samantha didn't come dressed, so we found a hat a scarf for her to wear, and Margaret is dressed as a punked out Texan. I was dressed as Boy George.

If you know me, and if you were a true friend of mine, you would know that I have always been a fan of Boy, aka: George O'Dowd, since high school. I used to cut out his image from the Star Hits magazines and plaster him in my bedroom. Of course this is after my sister moved out and got married and took down all the Bee Gee and Andy Gibb poster memorabilia. This annoying "friend" of mine, the one who used live next door to my grandma, said that "I was just joking about liking him..." She really wasn't a friend of mine.

It doesn't feel like it was that long ago. Okay, today, I can't say that I'm as big of a fan of Boy George as I was back in high school. Never mind, he is now a very much older, and chubby bald man who wears funny hats, convicted of being a drug abuser and rapist, and isn't allowed into the U.S. because of it. I am still a bit sad that his concert was cancelled. I still have his tickets from that cancelled concert. It was a major let down. WHY? Sure, I'm not crazy for the Boy like I was in high school, and I'm no longer sending him letters, or part of his fan club, and I am married to a man who HATED him and his music, but he was a part of my past--just like an old friend. He really can't be replaced by anyone else.

Remember when you were in high school, and you hung out with your friends, and you always thought, that no matter what, you'd still be hanging out with the same group of friends until the day you dropped dead? Well, of course, that doesn't happen very often. Sure, I still keep in touch with some of the women who are in this picture. Denise and I get together now and then when she is in town. I keep in touch with Leslie and Margaret on Facebook, and I reconnected with Samantha at the last reunion, and we exchange Christmas cards, but the distance and life in general has kept us as now being more than acquaintances rather that good friends. It's sad, but we'll always be friends--we'll always share the connection we had back in the day.

I would post a current picture of me and my friends, but that would be kind of impossible to include everyone. I have a broad array of friends, and not enough space for pictures for this entry. Some of the friends I do have, I don't even have pictures of. Furthermore, some of the friends I have, I have never met in person. Sooo....if you don't see your face in this entry, please be aware that you are really truly my friend--especially if you are reading this... :) Basically--you know who you are.

Thank you for being my friend. :)

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Sherms said...

Oh, that picture isn't very big so I didn't get a great look at your outfits.
I sure hope I remain friends with the girls I knew from high school, they are my best friends and I hope the distance doesn't change anything. I was a huge Spice Girls fan, not as big now but the love is always there. Imagine that girl saying you weren't REALLY a fan! xx