Thursday, October 20, 2011

30 Day Blogger Challenge--Day #6

Day 6 of 30 Day Blogger Challenge!

Today's question: Who is your favorite super hero, and why?

As you probably noticed already, my favorite super hero is Wonder Woman!

Wonder woman is fast, strong and can glide on air currents--thus she has that "invisible jet". Her super hero traits also include her bullet deflecting bracelets, (I love bracelets) and her Laso of Truth, (I hate liars). She has long raven hair, and is simply beautiful.

I remember watching Lynda Carter, in Wonder Woman when I was younger, and I thought she was the most beautiful woman/super hero I had ever seen. And, then there was the cartoon, Justice League. Wonder Woman fly in her invisible jet, looking for crime. What a dream it would be to be able to do all that! Isn't almost every girl's dream, to wear beautiful jewlery, tie up criminals and make them tell you the truth, be super strong and fast, and fly like an eagle in an invisble plane, looking flawless and beautiful at the same time? Okay, it may be not your dream, but I think it would be pretty cool!

Forget Barbie, I want to be Wonder Woman!


FrankandMary said...

It is a shame that whenever I think of her now I see those contact ads in my mind's eye. Much better than Barbie.
ps I don't know my you can't post a comment on my blog...weird. But then blogging has always been a little wierd :0.

Jimmy's Journal said...

And Wonder Woman you will be if that's your wont, my love. We all deserve a little bit of fantasy in out lives, so enjoy the ride!