Sunday, September 25, 2011

30 Day Blogger Challenge--Day #2.


It's day TWO of my 30 Day Blogger Challenge! The subject of the day is:


The word "Coelha" is a Portuguese word that means generally, a female rabbit. Translated, from Portuguese, my Blogger name have been: Pensamentos of Girl Rabbit. I didn't choose that name because it was too long, and most people don't know what "pensamentos" (thoughts) mean. I could have chosen: Pensamentos da Coelha, but that is just too Portuguese, and I'm sure it would be overlooked quite easily, and because I don't blog in Portuguese, I don't think it would be a good title for a blog written all in English. What's the point of writing something when you aren't targeting the right reader? Or, I could have just translated it all in English and have chosen: Rabbit Thoughts. Hmm...yes, that may have worked, but I wouldn't be attracting my Portuguese reading audience either. By reading my title, I might be attracting people who like rabbits--not that I have anything against people who like rabbits, for I also like rabbits, but perhaps they would think they came across a blog totatlly focused on the animal (which this isn't), or may be it would give the impression of this being a blog about farm animals, or a vegan blog....

In general, this blog is about a Portuguese/American woman; just little piece of my life.

I know what you are thinking. Why Coelha? Does she think she is a rabbit? Does she have rabbits as pets? Does she wish she was a rabbit? What is this fascination about rabbits? Is this woman nuts?

Hmm...well, I may be a little nutty, but let's just say I like the word "Coelha". It takes me back to another time in my childhood. It takes back to that Easter visit, a long, long time ago, when my cousins from far away came to visit us. My cousin, Jose, who was about the same age as myself (13) could not understand the whole concept of the Easter bunny. I was determined to make him a believer! I think he "believed" for about 30 seconds after I ran to the front door with a basket full of Easter treats, rang the door bell, and went back to the dinner table. It was worth the 30 seconds though. (I call this cousin "Coelho" now and then to this day.) :B

To make a long story short (I have a hard time doing this most of the time) the nickname Coelha just stuck. I have become attached to it. The name is MINE!! I have an AOL account under the name Coelha. Believe it or not, I've had people ask in email and instant messenger whether or not I would consider "giving up" my screen name. Can you believe it? NEVER!!! I cannot give up my screen name on AOL because I am the only Coelha on there. It's an original. I don't care if your last name is Coelha or Coelho---this screen name is mine! I don't want my screen name to be Coelha44 or 4Coelha, it's COELHA. I am hardly on AOL anymore but I can't give it up, because if I do, SOMEONE will take it. It's mine. Live with it.

Until next time..


Sherms said...

Lol! That's funny. It's difficult to come up with an original screen name these days. There are so many people on the net but I've never heard of people asking you to give it up! How odd!

I always wondered about what Coelha meant xx

Anonymous said...

& I won't give up the frankand mary name either...someone gave me the "but shouldn't you move on" talk. Ha.

I love the bunnywear. But when I think of you, I think of you in the Azores in a long flowing summer dress. With a drink in your hand. :-)~Mary

Coelha :B said...

Ha ha .. Mary, I don't wear the bunny ears every day--this was a Halloween photo..ha ha ha.. Yes, I have a few of those summer dresses... :)