Thursday, August 6, 2009

Trouble With Bras..

Well, we all know about our troubled economy. People are losing their jobs, and stores are closing everywhere. I am happy to report however, I have not seen a real decrease in people submitting Avon orders for braziers!

A large store (I used to work there part-time) closed down in the town where I’m from, and now the women of the county have one less store to shop for their undergarments! This may explain why my Avon sales for bras have gone through the roof! (Avon doesn’t make the bras—they carry brand names like for example, Platex..etc.)

I only have one problem. I have a customer who cannot find a bra that actually “fits”. She has bought 4 braziers from me, and I’ve had to return every single one of them because “they just don’t fit”. Well, due to Avon's 100% full guarantee policy for returns, I have to send them back-at my expense. I don’t get too many returns, but this woman just placed another order for a bra in the same size today, and I can almost guarantee you that it will be returned, because it will not “fit”. Well, I don't have the heart to tell her that I'm sick of returning bras she orders that don't fit, and that I'm actually losing money each time she orders a bra that she returns. I just can't! I feel sorry for her. She can't find a bra that fits. What a nightmare! Hopefully the brazier I've ordered for her today will be the GOLDEN EGG of bras, and it will actually fit, and she’ll in turn order dozens more from me because of it... I’m trying to be positive.

It must be sad to not find a bra that will fit you. I could NEVER go bra less, could you? Some women have no problem just letting their “girls” just hang there, swinging to and fro, bouncing up and down…etc. Then you have women that wear their bra to extremes, even actually sleep with one on. I could not do that, but I couldn’t leave the house without one either. I guess I’m just not the Earthy Type woman.

Yesterday afternoon I saw many Earthy Type women walking around downtown. I think I've mentioned to you before that I come from a very laid back, earthy, hippie kind of surf town. I didn't realize how different it was until I actually moved to another town. Well, lets just say this town is full of very EARTHY women. It was a beautiful day outside, and there was an open Farmer’s Market downtown, and a group of hippie looking guys, and earthy women were playing their drums, and dancing about with tamborines, while preppie types were holding their lattes intermingling with the more conservative types shopping for tomatoes and brussel sprouts. They looked like they were having a fun time, but I wasn't. I was not at the market, no rather I was driving up and down the main street, dodging the happy Earthy People of downtown Santa Cruz, looking for my teenage son who could not be reached by his cell phone. I did eventually find him 45 minutes later, after he had realized his "ringer was off". However, I didn't leave town without causing a disturbance. I did the unthinkable and honked the horn at my son who suddenly went blind, (I was pissed) startling a few Earthy women who were engaged in convesation at the organic super market. I'm sure they were talking about vegetables or hemp, or something Earthy, and I'm sure they are still talking about my loud, gas guzzling van, and my rude horn honking, and how women like me will ruin the Mother Earth one day, but what the hell. At least I'm wearing a bra that fits! Sometimes that is all that matters.


Missie said...

I think the new Avon slimwear will sell very well. I have a customer that keeps trying to order bras, but Avon is always sold out of her size! LOL

I have a hard time finding a bra that fits. I don't like underwire so that's why I have a hard time. When I'm home, the girls are free, however, I can't go out the door without a bra on.

Have a good Friday!

Dawn said...

Bras that fit are a must. I am pretty 'blessed' in that dept too, so it can be tricky! LOL I will never be an earthy girl either! LOL

Oh... teenage sons... ack.

be well...

Indigo said...

Finding a bra that fits is the bane of my existence. Even with that fact sitting over my head, I don't think I would be so understanding when it comes to the return lady.

Glad to know it wasn't just my daughter that pretended to be deaf and blind while I was around. (Hugs)Indigo

Jimmy's Journal said...

I began wearing bras immediately after my ex-girlfriend found one in my apartment. Since then, it's been nearly impossible to find one that fits.

I guess it could have been worse, though. She could have found a Tampon.


Cathy said...

Timely topic. As an aging hippie I long for those days you could be loose and free, so to speak lol. But today's form-fitting bras seem to do everything - except make you look like a teenager again. I adore satiny, silky things and thankfully they make them for normal-sized, curvy women, or I'd have nothing! O yeah - I've never seen a bra that truly "fits".