Monday, August 3, 2009

Cheap Hair

I’ve been kind of “down” a few days due to my boys both catching colds, and then passing them down to yours truly. You’d think I’d be immune by now from all the exposure, but I got a small dose of it, so it didn’t hit me too hard.

It’s August already… Yesterday, 7 years ago my dad passed away. Weird. It doesn't seem that long ago. It seems like yesterday. I look at Nicholas and that is when I realize how the years are just flying by. Nicholas will be six years old in November already. My daughter, Lizzy is going to turn 21 next month. Damn. Dad was right. When you get older the years zoom by.

We have one more little trip to do before the kids start school this month---the long awaited trip to Disneyland! Yay! This time my husband is going! Yay! He isn’t that thrilled, but who knows when the next time will come when we can go on a road trip with all the kids. We’ll be stopping in Venice for a short time to visit his step sister, Janet, and the kids are as much looking forward to that as much as Disneyland. We had a lot of fun there last year, and the weather was beautiful.

My hair has gotten really long, so I went to get a hair cut yesterday. I will be the first to tell you that I really don’t spend that much money on my hair, unless I get a perm-which I haven’t in many, many years. If I color my hair, I do it from the box. I go to Super Cuts to get my hair cut. I don’t need anyone to tell me my hair is dry on the ends when it gets long. Duh.. That is what happens when my hair gets long, so when the guy who is cutting my hair starts telling me in his broken English that my hair is dry because I don’t use a certain shampoo, I know it’s just a ploy to get me to buy shampoo that is going to be more expensive than my actual haircut. I just humor the guy to not come across rude, but I never say I’m going to buy anything. I know my hair is healthy. I have a lot of thick, wavy, hair. Normally, I get compliments on my hair. He then starts spraying something in my hair, and goes on to say, “Doesn’t that smell good?” Sure it smells good. It’s not going to smell bad. I nod my head to say, yes it smells good. I’m not going to contradict anything this guy says, especially when he is holding a scissors to my head.

After the cut, he starts raving about my “now beautiful hair” and what a difference that “spray” had done! My hair is nice now because my dry ends are cut-it isn’t the spray. As he proceeds to take off my apron, he shows me the sale of shampoo on display. Two bottles for $35! What a deal, right. I politely tell him, “No thanks, not this time, but thank you.” What does the guy do? He just goes and on in front of the people in the waiting room. “But this is sale price! This is a good deal!” He goes on to plead his case. I tell him, “Sorry, no thanks.” Well, he turns away with a sad look on his face like a wounded dog. Oh brother. If I wanted to spend $35 on shampoo, I wouldn’t be going to the neighborhood Super Cuts. I’m cheap, okay? Deal with it. I gave him a nice tip, but I didn’t even get an “I thank you.” The girl who took my transaction mouthed the words, “I’m sorry.” Whatever, but I do like my haircut.

Nick playing between his daddy's legs at his brother Matt's graduation.


LYN said...


Miss Ginger Grant said...

They win stupid prizes and shit when they sell products. It's like at Macy's when they get you you to open a charge account. Or Sams Club when they get you to "upgrade" your membership.

Jeannette said...

Yes, time certainly does fly as you get older and the older you get the more it seems to fly. You made me laugh at the hairdresser. I have not had one in many years, Becky cuts mine and it is so short it is not problem.

Lisa said...

what a bonehead hair stylist. I'd ask for another person to cut next time. The place i go is $13 and they do exactly as i ask and i LOVE all of them. They were $10 a few yrs ago.
I am sending a hug to you, thinking of your dad. Best of luck on the Disney vacation. I did it and don't particularly want to do it again. Take lots of pics.

Dawn said...

I HATE that! I do SuperCuts too... but its always women... and they don't push. They get it. They tell me the specials once.

be well...

Missie said...

My hairdresser always tries to get me to buy her salon products. No thanks! I like my Pantene right off the store shelves. LOL

Have a good rest of your week.