Friday, August 21, 2009

Mixed Thoughts & Movie Review!

Yesterday evening I found myself doing something I hadn't done in a long time. Wait! On second thought, I don't believe I've EVER done this before! I went to see a movie, alone. It was not fun.

I forgot how awkward it feels to be somewhere ALONE. I'm not used to it. I usually have at least one of my offspring with me, or my husband with me, or a relative or a friend to accompany me somewhere, and to not have the other warm body around felt very uncomfortable. It caught me all off guard, and it kind of surprised me. I wasn't always this way! When I was single, I was more adventurous! I used to leave the house alone at night and go to bars for God's sake. I used to go on blind dates (some would have gone better if I was actually blind to tell you the truth) but I thought of nothing of going anywhere by myself. Gee, I have changed.

Instead of sitting down somewhere to eat, I chose to buy myself a sandwich and eat it in my car in the parking garage. Have I become that paranoid? I walked to the sandwich place and ordered my sandwich. The eatery was nice, clean and almost empty. The guy who made my sandwich was quite pleasant actually. I could have just sat there in this nice and safe place and read the newspaper. I could have been more comfortable there, than sitting in my van in the dark and noisy parking garage. Sitting in my van, I found myself pondering on worrisome things like how long it would take for the rescue parties to find my body if the parking garage should collapse suddenley in an earthquake. They would find me sitting there behind the wheel holding my cheese and avocado sandwich, with garden sprouts still stuck in my teeth. "How sad, and pitiful!" they would say. I can see the headline in the local paper now: "Local woman dies alone in family van while eating her veggie sandwich ..." Without further thought, I proceeded to stuff the rest of my sandwich down my throat, and get out of the van.

Something really strange happens when you go up to the window and buy ONE ticket for a show. You get that LOOK. You know, that LOOK that only you really notice. The guy behind the window gave a sad and sympathetic look. I tried to ignore it as I handed my one ticket to the lady inside. I kept on telling myself that I was being so silly. I'm not the first person to go see a movie alone! People do it all the time! It's supposed to me fun and relaxing! Right? I went up the stairs, avoiding the escalator. I had purchased a Tolverine candy bar earlier and hid it in my purse (I still think someone is going to ask to search my purse for candy), and I could not afford talking the escalator--I needed all the exercise I could get at that point. As I made my way into the dark theatre, I was happy to see that the theatre was still pretty empty. I found the perfect spot to watch my movie, so I try to quietly go for my chair, hoping to enter unnoticed, when suddenly, KERPLUNK! I SLIP and SLIDE on a puddle left in front the next chair. Thankfully, I break my fall and don't land on my ass. I was just thankful no one noticed..or did they? I was too embarrassed to look up to find out.

Suddenly the people started pouring in; mostly women. I was there to see Julie & Julia, the story about Julia Child, and the story of a young woman named Julie who decides to blog about her pursuit to complete each recipe written in Child's cook book, never realizing that in fact she was learning more about herself.. Okay, I'm not going to write about the movie. Go and see it for yourself, it is worth watching! Meryl Streep was awesome! More of chick flick---looked like the same sort of audience when I went to see Mama Mia. Just a reminder however: If you are a vegetarian, I suggest you may want to think twice before viewing this film. I was sitting by two young women who actually hid their faces and turned in disgust. This is not the film for you! You will see lobsters boiled to their deaths, RAW MEAT, and dancing, dead chickens and ducks being de-boned. Also, it may be a good idea to actually EAT something before this film. If you to see it on an empty stomach, don't be surprised to hear LOUD and growling sounds coming out of your person. The other women who sat on my left kept on "eeewing and awwing" at all the food. Not a movie for people with eating disorders either, I may add.

Anyway, you are probably asking WHY I went to see a movie alone in the first place. Well, I was stuck downtown, with an awful sore throat, waiting for my son to get out of a hip hop gig of his downtown. I'm very proud of my son, but going to a club at night full of teenagers and preteens, with loud hop hop music alone did not interest me. I'd probably be tempted to do something really embarrassing, like jump on stage and say, "That's my boy!" or insist on combing his hair or readjust his clothes. I've heard Andrew say far too many times to me: "You are turning into Grandma!" Am I really? I don't know, but I can tell you I was so RELIEVED to get Andrew in the van later that night. He was so happy and excited about his performance, and I got a private bee bop session all the way home up and down Hwy 17. As soon as I saw my hubby waiting for me, I was so relieved I didn't have to go to bed alone that night, and when Nicolas crept his way into our bed and snuggled beside me, and did not mind one bit.


Julie said...

I can relate. I would never be able to go into a bar alone and it is like my husband is a permanent fixture to my side when I'm not working. I would have eaten in the van alone also,LOL.

I loved the movie and the book and made my husband go with me. Thank goodness I adore meat.

Christopher M said...

LOL Avacado and cheese sounds icky I mean I like Avocado dip but a sandwich of nothing but that Lol must just be a " CALIFORNIA " thing Lol yall eat that weird stuff. Guess I cant knock it till I try it ha!

Nothing wrong with being alone... I feel better alone cause I dont have to share my money with anyone dont have to ask someone to buy something. I am independent ^_^.

--- Christopher

Missie said...

I would go to a movie by myself if it was an afternoon movie.

Have a good week.

Jimmy's Journal said...

That's a funny thought. I've alway been one to imagine scenarios, especially with the usual admonition by parents to always wear clean underwear.

The idea is of imagining a building collapse has never entered my mind....until now.

Oh well, at least I'll be wearing clean underwear.


Lori said...

I've always wanted to go to a movie alone for some reason. I think I still do! lol Glad you enjoyed the movie.