Sunday, July 20, 2014

Extended Vacation

It's been a week since my last day at work, and how does it feel?  Basically, it feels like I've been on vacation for a week.

It's been a busy week.  Last Monday I took my mother to a doctor's appointment, to lunch, and I took my son to the beach.  On  Tuesday I went grocery shopping, and went swimming with my son.  On Wednesday, we went to an amusement park.  On Thursday there were more errands and afterwards, we went swimming.  On Friday, we went to the zoo and met up with some family relatives in San Francisco.  On Saturday, we stayed home, went swimming.  In the evening we celebrated my husband's birthday.

Today I stayed home recovering from a little accident I had in the parking lot from the night before.  Without disclosing too much information, and without risking me sound really stupid, I wasn't paying attention, (neither was my husband) and we left the parking lot without thinking.  I swear--I did not see the "arm" come down on my head when exiting the lot.  No, there was no alcohol involved in that unfortunate accident.  Yes, I have a very small bump on my head.

I had to remind myself what day it was today.  I'm afraid the days are just melting into the next right now, which actually is a good thing.  I'm on vacation mode, and the next week ahead has already been planned with more exciting and fun events.  After all, it IS summer vacation, right?

 I won't be going to work tomorrow, or the next day…or the next.  But that doesn't necessarily mean that I won't get an email or two from work.  My former employer has not taken me off the mailing list so I still have access.  I'm guessing they are prolonging my access so the person I trained to do my job can email me with more questions.  True, I'd rather answer an email than answer the phone, but at the same time, I'd rather not have either.

I think it's time to cut the cord.

I'm not getting paid to answer any questions.  I really don't want to invest any more time to "that place", but there is a little tinge of curiosity that lingers.  How is this person going to know how to do my job, and do it correctly?  I shouldn't even care, but at the same time, I feel like I'm leaving "my baby" since I basically had to "learn" my job as I went for years, without anyone to ask questions to.  No one there exactly knows what my job entailed, and no one cared to.  After all, it was a clerical position.  Who wants to know what I do?  No one.  Perhaps management will now have to investigate.  I should have taken all the manuals I typed up and threw them all in the river.   It isn't the new person's fault, so she is not the one to blame, but at the same time, it certainly isn't my problem; not anymore.

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