Thursday, July 24, 2014

Bye, Bye…..

I took the link of my former employer's email off my computer.  It was book marked, but I deleted it.  It's gone.  Now I won't be tempted to check the email to answer more questions.

The questions haven't stopped, but they are getting less involved, so I think it's going to be okay. (Why should I care---I'm angry with myself for caring so much.)  Hopefully now they will get the hint and know I'm not available.  They will probably resort to calling me on the phone.   I have vowed to myself not to answer their calls.  (Thank God for call screening.)  I haven't been an employee for the last 2 weeks, and I'm not getting paid for this.  It's really not suitable for me to be available to them now.  I wrote a fricken manual people…read it!

You can ring my bell, but I'm not picking up.

I also quit selling Avon.

I'm on a quitting spree.  Avon is robbing me blind, and I'm their best customer.  After announcing my termination from being an Avon lady, I've gotten two calls.  One from Avon in Pasadena--from a very annoying person who was being very overly concerned with my welfare, and wanted to know "why I was quitting, because I was doing so well.."  I was doing so well?  Really?  In what way?  Paying for all the mistakes and overcharges for the products I bought?  Oh please. They wouldn't let me return products, nor did they do price adjustments for me.  I was making no money whatsoever-Avon was---so of course they are "sorry to see me go". Then I got a very annoying call from a woman named Jennifer who works from the local office.  I've never met Jennifer,  and I'm sure she is a very nice person, but I will not miss her annoying emails.  She would send an email almost every day, and if I was late for a campaign, I would get phone calls.  She called me this time with a not so very chirpy voice, wondering who I was going to refer my customers.  Gee, lady, I can count all my customers in one hand.  No one is going to die because they can't order their mascara from me this month.

Ding Dong…this Avon lady is done.

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