Thursday, September 10, 2009

Fixing Things

It's come to my attention that I need some cleaning up to do in regards to this Blog site----I am "following" blogs that no longer exist, or there are new ones from that list that no longer exist... So, I will start cleaning up this place soon. SO... I know there are a few of you that have NEW blog sites that are not updated on my side bar.. Sorry! Please give me you new links! Por favor! Please! Thanks. Oh, and how do I edit and delete again? If you know, please let me know.. Lately I have had little time to think too much. I've been busy.

The other morning, my teenage son called to me with a dilemna: "Mom! Look at this! This is so wrong!" Andrew comes down the stairs in the kitchen pointing to a new pimple sprouting on the corner of his mouth. What is a mom to do? I explained to him that he needs to put his acne ointment on it, and he has to CLEAN his face everyday...etc.. But that didn't go well with Andrew-no he wanted a quick fix to his problem. How I wish I had a magic wand to fix it all, or have the powers of one of my favorite childhood heroines from Bewtiched, Samantha. If only I could just wiggle my nose and fix it all! Still, it was still sweet for Andrew to think I could "fix it".

Speaking of fixing, and cleaning, I'm happy to report that my wonderful hubby, who just about can FIX, anything is almost finished with the "attic project". Soon we will be able to go through the garage and clean and discard or save the stuff we put in there since we moved in six years ago. Who knows what we will find.


Julie said...

Go ahead and use the roaster. I have to go through my lists also. Half of them are blogging anymore. Sad, the community shrinks..

Missie said...

I go thru my list every couple of months.

Your poor son! I would never want to go back and be a teenager with a pimple! LOL

Have a good night.

Jimmy's Journal said...

I had to laugh about the pimple issue. Teenagers will soon learn that pimples have one purpose in life, which is to appear at the most inopportune time.


Indigo said...

I have to go through my list as well. It would be nice if people would say bye, see you later, some kind of forewarning.

As for break-outs I'm 44 years old and I still have to take care of my complexion like crazy. It's insane at times.

I'm sure you already have my latest blog addy. Just in case, I'm here:


Michelle said...

hey Julie,

I have temporarily stopped blogging due to all the issues going on in my life- but I will be back. I put you on my favorites list so I can read your blog.

I'll be back with a new name and address when I can.


Dawn said...

LOL Her loss your gain!

be well...

ps... we have the zit thing going on too.

LYN said...