Friday, September 18, 2009

Better Later, than Never--Thankful Thursday

An oldie, but a goodie.. My two older kids with my niece and nephew, circa 1999

Thankful Thursday, a day late..

1. I’m thankful for my three kids—they keep my life exciting, whether it’s driving my oldest out with her friends to a nightclub (I got invited to join them by the way—80’s night—and yes, I was almost tempted—may be next time), listening to my son be-bopping around the house, watching my youngest perform in a school assembly, they choose to include me in their lives, and that is something that I will be forever thankful for.

2. My family van. Not only can I fit the kids in there, but there is always room for a few friends, Avon brochures, and Grandma and her famous lasagna.

3. I’m thankful I can appreciate and recognize the good things in life. A good husband, a secure home, good kids, friends and family. I have been truly blessed.

4. I’m thankful I have the intelligence to know when to acknowledge and respond, and when to keep quiet. There are some things that really aren’t worth my time.

5. I’m thankful that I’m comfortable in my own skin. I realize that there will always be people who may not like me, or may resent me for just being alive. That is just fine. I’m not on this Earth just to please certain people.

6. I’m thankful for my job. I’m thankful I have a job when many have lost their own. I’m thankful for the 22 years of job security, and the medical and dental insurance that covers the entire family. I’m thankful I learned strong work ethics at an early age. I’ve thankful my parents taught me the importance of earning your own money. Yes, and I’m thankful for those years in my life where I found myself working a 65+ hour week when I was a single mother. I learned to rely on myself, and it made me a stronger person. My hats off to all the working single moms out there!

7. I’m thankful I waited a year after my divorce before I started dating. Although, however some of the experience I could have lived without.

8. Yes, and I am thankful for my first marriage-it produced two wonderful kids who I cannot imagine my world without. The whole experience makes me appreciate my life right now so much more.

9. Lastly, but not least, for the good friends in my life who are always there to listen and laugh with.

10. Weekends away! Just booked a weekend away with husband for next month! YAY!

May you all have a wonderful weekend!


Dawn said...

GREAT thankfuls!!! LOVE #5!!! I agree!!!!!!!

be well...

Jimmy's Journal said...

Good thoughts! That's a great picture.