Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Jumping off a cliff in a green and red bikini.....

Hello Maria ---  It's been a few months since you've "gone"..  

I can't believe you are actually... gone.

It is too surreal for me to comprehend.  I wasn't able to sleep last night, and the visions starting coming to my head.  There you were, smiling, and laughing in pink and white, running up a path flanked with dark green ferns and beautiful exotic flowers.  Suddenly you came to the cliff at the water fall, and there you were in a green and red bikini--your very fair skin, and chubbiness all out for the world to see.  But you know what?  You didn't care.  You were smiling your smile, and loving ever second of it.  I could have sworn you said to me, "Julie, who cares!  I'm happy!  I don't even know how to swim!"

And there you went..  There went Maria, flying up in the air, performing a very impressive back flip somersault!

I then closed my eyes, and had a restful sleep, knowing you were happy.

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