Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Never Forget.

Yesterday was 9/11.. I remember that day well. It was day of tragic loss. It's a day the devil came to town, and his visit shook us all. It's a day that no one should forget. I remember that day, and those years that followed that year...

Those years in particular were years of many struggles. It was another of year of being a single mom, raising two kids on her own, with bills to pay, hardly getting by with no support from an ex-husband who apparently was having too much of a good time hiding in New Jersey with his new internet love match. So, forgive me if I sound a bit bitter, but when I see pictures of him, paying homage to 9/11 of he and his lover on the internet, with the Twin Towers in the background, all smiley and lovey dovey, knowing that during that time, "HIS" life was the ONLY life that he cared about, it does make me a little upset.

So pardon this entry, if I sound a little off my guard.

I'm doing much better now though. The best revenge in life is to live a happy life. I am happy, but I NEVER forget. I can forgive, but I WILL NEVER forget. When you hurt my kids--when you abandon my kids and not even leave an address or phone number, you show me what you are made of. THAT I WILL NEVER FORGET.

Be well and happy, far, far away.


Missie said...

I don't think any of us could forget, at least I hope not. Have a good day.

Anonymous said...

<in NJ, but not hiding.
I wouldn't have forgotten any of that either. You are a good person, but you are not a dumb person. From things you told me years back, he seemed to think he could get over on you very easily...not the case. ~Mary

Coelha :B said...

Thanks Mary :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Julie, Sometimes things do happen for a reason, and look at your life now, you have a wonderful husband and family! Its his loss and one day he will get his!!
Your strong and smart :)
Big Hug