Wednesday, May 23, 2012

May Madness..

I’ve been an emotional mess lately…

The other day I took my son to the tuxedo place to get him fitted in his tuxedo for prom, and we were there longer than expected. Of course, that is to be expected when you come the day before the actual prom, when EVERYONE is there to pick up their tuxedo. Anyway, for our “entertainment” they were showing professional wedding videos on a big screen in the waiting area. Being the romantic that I am, I found myself fully immersed in the video…perhaps a little too much.

I was truly impressed by the professionalism of the videos they were showing. They were all so beautiful—it made the Kardashian wedding look like pure garbage. It wasn’t hard to be fully immersed—the video captured every emotion of the wedding party. The tears of the father as he gave away the bride; and the capturing of the tears of the groom as he sees his bride for the first time walk down the aisle. Oh my God. I started to tear up myself.

I immediately thought of the weddings of my children. None of my children are engaged or close to being getting married, but as I watched these videos, I couldn’t help thinking of their weddings and all the emotions that were bound to be involved, including what everyone would be wearing, the venue, the church, was my daughter’s father make it to the wedding, etc. Luckily, my son finally got out of the dressing room looking quite dashing in his purple tie, and immediately all those emotions were slamming back at me again. Oh my God, I realized, this is my son’s last high school prom.

Don’t even get me started with the graduations.

My step-son graduated last week, my daughter is graduating from a private Art college this week, and my middle son is graduating from high school next week. I was shopping for graduation cards the other morning, and as I was browsing from each card, reading the sentiments inside, I felt myself getting emotional again, tearing up after deciding on each card. Oh dear Lord, this is getting ridiculous.

Why or why do our children have to grow up so fast? Why can’t they stay little, and not outgrow my lap? I know it’s just something every parent has to face, and some parents embrace the day when their children finally leave the nest, but I don’t think I’m going to take it very well.


Anonymous said...

lol I have those moments too! AND IM A GUY lol I hate Horomones! rofl

-- Christopher

Missie said...

I didn't take it very well when my two had their "lasts" before graduating high school. However, I wish my kids would leave the home already.I think my two will live here forever. LOL

Linda's World said...

Sweet entry. My son (my youngest) sent me a text message today asking me if he'd ever had a DPT vaccination. Well of course he did (he's 40 years old) back when he was little. But I checked his baby book and sent him the dates of his last tetanus and the fact that he'd had his last DPT booster in 1973. We have a Whooping Cough epidemic here in western Washington & his work place was offering free vaccinations. Anyway, later I was in tears thinking that my baby will be 41 in August....and how I wish he was little again. It wasn't so hard when he graduated from high school, but when he left for Air Force basic training back in the fall of 1989...this mother was a basket case. I had to take 3 days off work. I could not stop crying. I was sure they were going to be mean to my boy. Thankfully, we both survived.