Monday, May 31, 2010

May Potpourri

Okay, since it's the last day of May, it is only appropriate to dedicate an entry for this month! I haven’t been diligent enough keep up with my blog, I know. It has been a non-stop month so far, and I have a feeling that June is going to be the same if not busier. I've written the following---bits and pieces of it all month--so sorry for the very long entry. I'm sure most of you won't be patient to read it all, but if you do---Thank you! Perhaps by the end of June things will be different—when school is out again.

It just hit me the other morning while I was walking my youngest to school. Everyday, for the last nine months, the morning ritual of waking up early, and getting the little guy into the van is coming to an end soon once again. My little car pool buddy will be out of school and can now soon sleep in. Oh, now isn’t that the life? Remember those days of your childhood when the most joyous thought in the world was waking up in your warm bed, realizing that you could sleep in until noon because school was closed for the summer? No cares in the world really. Yes, those were the days; waking up in the morning to the smell of eggs and bacon, or the promise of “sopas fritas” (French toast) from downstairs in the kitchen. The familiar sounds, smells of childhood and that ride on my dad’s shoulders down the stairs… Oh the memories. (Deep sigh).

Summer IS approaching fast, and in a matter of weeks, I will be taking off to the Azores for a month, and there is just so much stuff to do before then, and my weekends are incredibly booked solid. I have some shopping to do, I have my son’s summer camp/daycare to plan, and my mom constantly is there to remind me that she needs to make another shopping trip because she “needs at least 3 more pairs of shoes!”

This month I’ve had a bridal shower at my house, a nieces’ wedding, a birthday party, a visit from my husband’s brother and his wife who were in from New York, and a graduation barbecue. Today, was another shopping day with mom on her quest to find three more pairs of summer shoes to add to the other 20 pairs she has purchased since February… I'm happy to say, MISSION COMPLETE!

Okay, I'm ready for June... BRING IT ON!


Cathy said...

How complete your life sounds! The trip to the Azores will be memorable I'm sure. And please - never apologize for not posting in YOUR OWN BLOG it's supposed to make YOU happy not cater to anyone else. I know, I used to post all the time and when I didn't feel like it, thought I was being rude or something foolish like that. This should be a pleasure, and when it isn't, don't be sorry for that. Now have a magical summer!

Jimmy's Journal said...

Nice to see you post anew. I'm sure your trip to the Azores will turn out great!


Missie said...

You sure do have a full schedule. Hope you get a chance to enjoy your summer!

Lisa said...

is your DH going? I love it when you travel and then blog about it. Sounds like you have been busy but happy....and yes, i remember well when there were no responsibilities and hot fun in the summer time!