Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Magicians, Rabbits & Candy... OH MY!

Well, Halloween came and went, and we all survived! The day started with some unnecessary drama, but ended quite well! Here are few pictures from the magical evening...

Nicholas, the Magician

Me and my little magician

My pictures are a little dark---couldn't get the flash to work...but we figured it out later:

Nicholas will make this candy disappear!

What do you mean? I always dress like this when I'm in my kitchen..

Nick trying to make me disappear--didn't work..

Lizzy & Nicholas--the magicians..

Lizzy had her own rabbit..

It's not every day you find two white rabbits on your porch..

After only a trip around the block Nicholas was happy with his amount of candy. I was a bit surprised, but I guess I should be thankful that he really didn't want much more. This all means less temptation for everyone else. I heard on the radio that if you eat just ONE fun size candy, you would have to walk a mile to burn it off! Have two candies? That's two miles.. It just doesn't seem fair, does it? I tell you that I was looking forward to walking a little more with Nicholas because I had this in mind, but since he decided to call it an early night, it was probably for the best!

Regretably, I have no photos of Andrew, my Cereal Killer. He spent the night at my mom's and hung out with his friends that night, but was home by 10 pm. He wore a shirt with torn cereal boxes, and cereal glued all over, with random splatters of fake blood all day to the dismay of my mother. She had it hanging outside in the backyard the next day claiming it was attracting ants. I have a feeling it will be hanging in Andrew's closet very soon. No, I'm not too excited, but hope to take a few pictures of it before it goes "mysteriously missing."

October is gone, and November promises to be another busy month.. Will check in later on that! Have a good one!!


Julie said...

You all look great, I don't know about keeping the cereal killer outfit either but can't wait to see the photo.

Indigo said...

Loved the pictures and getting a glimps inside your Halloween. Can't wait to see the cereal killer shirt, sounds awesome. (Hugs)Indigo

A Middle Aged Mom said...

I love the costumes! Your son makes an adorable magician!

Jimmy's Journal said...

Wow, you guys went all out. Hope the kids scored a lot of candy!